Radio show to commemorate space heroes

NASA will come to the Tuscaloosa airwaves at 3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 30 when “Houndstooth and Hard Hats” on WVUA-FM hosts a two-hour special to commemorate NASA’s memorial week, which commemorates the lives of the 17 astronauts lost in the Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia missions.

Our View: Continuing Transparency

In recent years, The University of Alabama’s administration has shown a lack of commitment to having an open, transparent dialogue on campus. Whenever anything happens that might damage the University’s reputation, the University’s media relations team has defaulted to inaction while attempting to silence public discussions.

University should be investigated for covering up Pendragon incident

Why is the University of Alabama covering up its response to the so-called “Authur Pendragon” threats? Your guess is as good as mine, but there is now little doubt the University has made a calculated decision to hide the truth. It is part of a bizarre strategy of silence mixed with doublespeak. This coordinated effort concocted in the Rose Administration building has eroded the public trust and made students feel less safe.