Love, sext, magic: The good and bad views of sexting

It's a new trend among young people that's caused a panic in many a parent and moralist. Teenagers, college students and young adults are using smart phone technology to send each other suggestive messages or pictures.

UA should adopt campus carry

The right to bear arms is granted to all Americans by way of the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. It is an integral piece of the Second Amendment.

Raw sewage found in Black Warrior River

The city of Northport’s lift station malfunctioned on Wednesday, Sept. 14, dumping between 10,000 and 100,000 gallons of raw sewage into the Black Warrior River.

You don't know Dalvin

What strikes many fans about Dalvin Tomlinson, is his quickness off the football, but for the people that really know him, there’s a side of him that doesn’t show on the field.


September brings Sexual Health Awareness Month

September is Sexual Health Awareness month, a month dedicated to promoting knowledge about topics like sexually transmitted diseases, safe sex and sexual assault. It aims to inform the public about sex while diminishing the stigma that often surrounds sexual issues.

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Secret places to study in Tuscaloosa

A library atmosphere offers the sound of shifting papers, the low hum of small talk among friends and the distant clicking of keyboard keys. However, libraries are filled to the brim with students hurrying to finish their next paper, struggling to study for their next exam or working on group projects.

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Black Lives Matter is not just a hashtag

I did not grow up in a house where we watched much football. I had never been to a college football game until I came to school at Alabama.

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