I’m still here, despite my own best efforts

Eight days before my 21st birthday I had no intention of celebrating it. I had no plans, no list of alcohol I could buy, no intention of seeing anyone.

To be perfectly honest, I had no plans of seeing the next day.

The only thing I really knew is that left to my own devices I wouldn’t live another day.

Alabama beats Missouri to win back-to-back SEC games for the first time under Johnson

On Saturday, coach Avery Johnson watched his team pick up its second consecutive SEC win for the first time this season when Alabama beat the Missouri Tigers 80-71 in Coleman Coliseum.

“After the win on [Tuesday at] Mississippi State we got a little momentum and we came in and we just focused on practice,” Riley Norris said.


Treatment provides new options for inmates

The steady decline in mental health services across the United States, and the mass closing of mental health institutions that provide vital psychological care, housing, treatment and medications for mentally ill patients has led to the criminalization of those with mental disorders.

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Life as a student-athlete is a balancing act

Each semester at the University of Alabama, junior Erin Routliffe’s days are planned out for her.

In the midst of spring athletics last year, Routliffe, a member of the women’s tennis team, woke up by 8 a.m.

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Veterans reach out for PTSD treatment

Shell shock, combat neurosis, post traumatic stress disorder – whatever you call it, the psychological effects of war are real, yet often misunderstood and stigmatized. Although awareness for veterans’ mental health has increased significantly in recent years, there is still room for improvement.

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The hard side of my superpower

Something about my personality always felt and seemed slightly more extreme than the personalities of my siblings, peers, and teachers.

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