"The Producers" comes to Bean-Brown Theatre

Singing, dancing and laughter will commence Friday night at Theatre Tuscaloosa’s premiere of the musical “The Producers” at Bean-Brown Theatre at Shelton State Community College. “The Producers” is a musical comedy adaptation of Mel Brooks’s 1968 film of the same name.

UA Theatre and Dance performs Boeing Boeing

While some theatrical productions seek to share a thought-provoking story or some rousing musical anthems, others simply serve to make the audience laugh and enjoy themselves. “Farces are to entertain,” said Carolyn Howarth, director of UA Theatre and Dance’s production of “Boeing Boeing.” “They’re not to teach you anything or any big moral lesson.

UA theatre department brings "Ghosts" to life

The death of a lord throws an aristocratic family into turmoil. A mother is left without her husband, and a son returns home to learn his father wasn’t the man he thought he knew.  This is the story of “Ghosts,” a play by Henrik Ibsen that will be put on starting next Monday, Feb.

Theater student takes roles to next level

When Sam Hardy felt the hatred rising within him as he spoke his last line as Iago in Shakespeare’s “Othello” last February, he was overwhelmed by the intensity of the emotion . He loved it.“Perhaps one of the things I enjoy most is something we consider most dangerous as an actor: really living at the far extent of [the character’s] emotional life,” said Hardy, a junior majoring in theater.