OUR VIEW: Millennials deserve respect

According to older pundits on the right and the left, and probably your uncle, millennials are lazy, entitled, economically irresponsible, godless individuals who are too busy looking at their phones to form real connections with the people around them. 

SENIOR COLUMN: Take time for yourself

As much satisfaction as I get from checking boxes on my to-do list, I have never once wished to trade an hour spent with my friends for an hour doing work at my desk. I’m disciplined, but I’m not a robot.

SENIOR COLUMN: Remembering who you are

College lacks permanence. In a way, that makes us all ghosts, floating through a temporary life, making lasting memories knowing that any moment could be the last we spend with these certain people, because, eventually, we will all go our separate ways. Can ghosts really change?

SENIOR COLUMN: Get busy getting less busy

Had I had more margin in my undergraduate career, I would have spent more time on the quad reading; spent more time writing and advocating for the issues I am passionate about; spent more time with my laptop closed during mealtimes, listening to my friends or getting to know strangers.

SENIOR COLUMN: Marking our time at the Capstone through athletics

Sports teach us that it is important to have these moments. After all, seeing Kenyan Drake take that kickoff to the house meant infinitely more to those of us who saw him break his ankle against Ole Miss our freshman year. We learned how to pick each other up, and I can almost guarantee we will need to do that for each other for long after graduation.