OUR VIEW: Re-elect Lillian Roth for SGA president

We did not endorse Lillian Roth for SGA President last year. We were concerned with her lack of experience; her answer to the Machine question was even worse than normal for a backed candidate. Still, a lot can change in a year, and while this editorial board is not completely satisfied with her administration’s performance over the last year, we are firmly of the opinion that she is the best candidate of the three to lead the Student Government Association in the coming year.

Congress should work for us

Republicans have been frantically trying to whip votes over the past couple of weeks. In their mad dash to smite the Democrats and throw out Obamacare, they constructed an abomination of a healthcare bill that would leave drastically more people uninsured.

Jared Hunter should be disqualified

This Thursday, the Elections Board released one of the last, if not its final, SGA election violations report. In it, most alleged violations turned out to be nothing, even as two sorority houses were bribing sisters to vote and the Roth campaign broke a policy regarding social media use.

Women play hockey too

Earlier this season, after the Edmonton Oilers’ star player Connor McDavid was taken off the ice because of a hit that initiated the NHL’s concussion protocol, his teammate Pat Maroon complained about the compulsory removal from the game.