OUR VIEW: Action must be taken on sexual assault

Two more months. At least two more rapes. No more action from our administration or SGA. This publication has exhaustively covered the issue of campus sexual assault. We have no intention of stopping. Time and time again we have published editorials proposing steps to begin fixing this atrocious problem, and time and time again there is silence.

Think local when it comes to climate change

California Governor Jerry Brown recently commented on President Trump’s denial of climate science. In reference to the possibility that a Trump administration would end funding for NASA’s climate science research, Governor Brown told a crowd “If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite.” He continued: “We’ve got the scientists, we’ve got the lawyers, and we’re ready to fight.”

The UDC Boulder represents our campus

At the heart of Alabama’s campus lies the Quad. And at the heart of the Quad lies the UDC Boulder. The Boulder, donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1914, sits at the base of the two flag poles that hold up the American and the Alabama State flags.

Sensational media incites fear

In an age of social media obsession, instantaneous access to news (fake and otherwise), and the words “like,” “basically” and “extra” meaning things they were never intended to mean, it should not come as a surprise that we have adopted constant crisis as a state of normalcy.

Democrats and Republicans are the same

In case you haven't heard yet, our political system is divided primarily into two sects: Democrats on the left, Republicans on the right. Abraham Lincoln was our first Republican president, and since 1852 all of our presidents have been either a Republican or a Democrat.

We need the media in the age of Trump

Donald Trump is a product of the entertainment media. Long before he was president, he mastered the art of packaging and presenting himself to the world. He literally built himself an empire and created the Trump brand. The Trump name is his legacy, and now he’s tacked on the title ‘President’ in front.

President Trump had a successful first 100 minutes

President Trump entered the Oval Office on a mission. Everyone talks about the first 100 days in office, 
however he accomplished so much in his first 100 minutes. On the very day of his inauguration, he signed his first executive orders. Always unpredictable, pundits questioned which issues he would 
address first.

It is too late for a ground war in Syria

Our country may be going to war. Officials from the Department of Defense are drafting plans to put American ground troops on Syrian soil; if President Trump decides to execute those plans, Americans could be deployed to Syria as early as next month. With the current barrage of scandals surrounding the Trump administration, I remain skeptical of the motives behind this potential invasion.