OUR VIEW: Millennials deserve respect

According to older pundits on the right and the left, and probably your uncle, millennials are lazy, entitled, economically irresponsible, godless individuals who are too busy looking at their phones to form real connections with the people around them. 

Our View: Walt Maddox for Governor of Alabama

On June 5th, Alabama voters will have the opportunity to participate in the state’s gubernatorial primary. Both the Republican and Democratic elections will be on this date, and voters can only participate in one. This editorial board urges Alabamians to support Tuscaloosa mayor Walt Maddox for the governorship.

Populism is a dirty word in politics

Most policy decisions require numbers, analysis, research and evidence that then, when matched with a set of priorities and principles, can be determined. But the idea that all of our problems can be solved by simply implementing the most popular ideas is ridiculous, and it completely ignores the nuance of policy making.

Finals week stress is vital to student success

Understandably, many students are stressed about this learning, but the simple reality is that if these exams weren’t given, most students simply would not learn their course content. Very few students truly go above and beyond to learn their coursework at the time it is taught.