University budget indicates growth

The University of Alabama’s budget reveals a University that has been mostly successful in their financial endeavors and has a steady cash flow from their donor base. In fiscal year 2016,  which goes through Sept. 30, the University invested their time and money into multiple ventures throughout campus and increased their net position from the year prior.

Putting a wallet in park: Campus parking permits expensive

There is a total of five different parking permits that a student can purchase. They range from $75 for a motorcycle permit to $630 for a reserve permit.  Chris D’Esposito, The University of Alabama's director of transportation services, said the price of permits will continue to increase due to the need for more parking on campus.

Orphan Train author to visit campus, meet with students

“It’s one thing to read the book and talk with other students, but it’s something different to hear from the source, ‘This is how I created it. This is what I intended the book to mean. This is what I hoped readers got.’ It just really broadens the experience for students.”  

On-campus robbery reported

According to the email, at 2:40 a.m. UAPD responded to a report of a robbery on Colonial Drive near Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Anyone with additional information about the robbery is asked to report it to UAPD at 348-5454 or Crime Stoppers at 752-7867(STOP). 

SGA Senator elaborates on comments he made defending SGA President Hunter

While discussing the resolution and the punishments Hunter has received since the Office of Student Conduct's investigation, Adams said that Hunter signed away his FERPA rights under "duress."    Adams said his usage of "duress" did not mean that other people were pressuring Hunter to run, but instead was describing the internal pressure Hunter felt by wanting to run for office but not being able to change the fact that the campaign form had to be signed.  

Gorgas House exhibit displays life of William Gorgas

The house, established in 1831, provides a window into the University’s past. Currently, the museum’s exhibit, “William C. Gorgas and the Great War,” highlights the life of William C. Gorgas, son of Josiah and Amelia Gorgas, who lived in the Gorgas House, and the lives of Tuscaloosans during World War I.