Music Column: Finally, a Halloween playlist free of "Thriller"

Music Column: Finally, a Halloween playlist free of

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In 2016, just a year ago, an album was released that will forever alter my view of themed Halloween music. Made famous by infomercials circulating through what could only be described as children’s television networks, the album, “KIDZ BOP Halloween,” struck a chord in me. If Halloween is decidedly the scariest of all holidays, then the songs that we use to celebrate said day, Oct. 31, should not be easily covered by 14-year-olds with a superiority complex, most likely. 

This Halloween, I’ve made the pertinent, but at times difficult, decision to abstain from the Halloween songs of my past. This means the avoidance of classics, such as “Monster Mash,” “I Want Candy,” "Witch Doctor” and “Thriller,” unless danced to in a wholly ironic fashion. 

In order to replace such a trite standard, I took stock of my playlists, albums, artists, etc. I happened upon the realization that the word “monster” was being used universally, despite the season, which made me ponder an idea: what if there are songs that mention Halloween themes that we fail to recognize?

Fully moved and inspired by this idea, I searched the depths of Spotify, searching for these Halloween themes. I scoured for keywords, ranging from “black cats,” to “Dress Up,” to “Cowboy.” I have compiled a working list. I dare you all (a dare could also be a Halloween theme) to break from tradition and avert your ears from “Ghostbusters” to a more refined kind of Hallow’s Eve listening. 

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