Games of the week: Alabama and Tennessee meet for the 100th time in history

Games of the week: Alabama and Tennessee meet for the 100th time in history

This week, there are multiple matchups across the country that will impact the college football playoff. I broke down the four best ones, and gave the rundown on the storylines that will be involved in each.

Alabama vs. Tennessee

Alabama hosts Tennessee in a rivalry that has been very one-sided. Alabama has beaten the Volunteers every single year since Nick Saban took over the program. This one isn't going to be any different. Tennessee’s program is in absolute turmoil. It’s only a matter of time before Butch Jones gets fired. The upside to this game is when Tennessee does lose, we will get more amazing quotes from Jones. He will almost absolutely say things like “our guys played hard and showed leadership,” or “the real victory is the friends we have made along the way.” He will never address actual problems or take responsibility. Plus, he looks like Sgt. Carter from "Full Metal Jacket."

Michigan vs. Penn State

Renowned crazy person and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has been preparing for this game all week with a big T-Bone and a warm glass of milk. His team lost to Michigan State last week, because that is just something the Wolverines do every year, no matter how good they are. This week, they get the chance to play one of the best players in the country, Saquon Barkley. Barkley has been lights out all year not only running the ball but catching it as well. Standing next to him at quarterback is Trace McSorley. First, Trace McSorley looks exactly like someone who would be named Trace McSorley. Second, that is the most big-ten quarterback name of all time. The only person that rivals that name right now is Rutgers’ own Giovanni Rescigno.

USC vs. Notre Dame

Somehow, this game is still relevant more than ever. On one side, you have USC quarterback Sam Darnold, who is a turnover machine and definitely looks like he was a school bully back in the day. Still, the Trojans have bounced back since losing to Washington State, but still suffered a scare last week. They will need Darnold to push some kids into some lockers, and to take care of the ball. For Notre Dame, if the Irish win, Brian Kelly will take 100 percent of the credit, and if they lose, he will probably blame it on the long snapper or something. All I ask for in this game is to have Ronald Jones push Darnold into the endzone to win.

Syracuse vs. Miami

Syracuse is fresh off a win over Clemson, and no one is enjoying it as much as Otto the Orange– Syracuse's mascot. Otto, who was probably on a bender the whole weekend after the win, has one of the most peculiar bodies I’ve seen. Rather than making his orange head sit upon a body, Syracuse decided to just throw some legs and arms on the orange. So, he just has limbs protruding from his head. Still he manages to throw that fly snapback on his head, and always has fun. Syracuse could legitimately beat Miami. The Hurricanes are easily the worst undefeated team left. Don’t be surprised if the Orange pull off the upset, and Otto starts streaking across midfield.

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