Senate discusses sexual assault and Intercultural Diversity center

Senate discusses sexual assault and Intercultural Diversity center

The Student Government Association's Senate meeting Thursday night consisted of a discussion of various pieces of legislation, including sexual assault and the Intercultural Diversity Center.

One piece of legislation that was discussed was Resolution 43, which pledges the Senate's support for the creation of a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) program. The University is the last school in the SEC to develop such a program, according to the resolution.

Additionally, the resolution describes the role of a SANE as registered nurses with extensive training who can administer the necessary aid to victims of sexual assault, including delivery of antibiotics, pregnancy prophylaxis, documentation of medical and forensic history, as well as providing other services. These examiners can also serve as expert witnesses in court.

Ultimately, the resolution was passed.

After announcements, Obie Moultrie, a junior majoring in biology at the University, rose to urge the Senate to hear the resolution to further develop the Intercultural Diversity Center. Moultrie began by speaking about the Center's location in the Riverside Community Center.

"I think administration had good intentions with the location, but honestly it's the foundation for every problem that we have now that is rooted in that location being just not the best," he said.

Moultrie said he is proud of the Center's work, but pleaded for help from the Senate. 

"There's just so much potential but we really just need help," he said.

Moultrie spoke in favor of Resolution 44 which promises to help the Center by exploring the possibility of a new location, funding and other areas where the Center may need assistance. 

The resolution was passed.

Order of Events:

1.) Act 19 to fund the "Kindness Counts UA" Initiative reintroduced, passed.

2.) Constitutional Amendment 1, which would remove the codification of the process for Student Organization seating from the Constitution reintroduced, passed.

3.) Act 20 to "establish a coat drive" reintroduced, passed.

4.) Resolution 41 "encouraging the University to reinstate commencement speeches during graduation ceremonies" reintroduced, removed from the docket.

5.) Resolution 40 "encouraging the University to increase the number of OBGYNs"  was not discussed because the author was not present.

6.) Resolution 43 "urging for the support of the development of a sexual assault nurse examiner" introduced, passed.

7.) Resolution 44 a resolution to "further develop the Intercultural Diversity Center" introduced, sent to the Student Affairs Committee.

8.) Resolution 45 "commending and supporting It's On Us action week" introduced, passed.

9.) Act 22 which removed $4,610 from the executive budget and placed it in the elections budget for the 2017 election introduced, passed.

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