Dorm health and safety inspections underway

Dorm health and safety inspections underway

One of many seemingly harmless but prohibited items in UA dorms is the toaster oven.

CW / Jake Stevens

Health and safety inspections of the University's dorms began on Monday, and Housing and Residential Communities, a division of Student Affairs, will continue to conduct them until Friday. This week all rooms in campus housing facilities are subject to inspection between the hours of 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Inspections identify violations of the community living standards. These standards outline the proper conduct expected from students living in housing and residential communities on campus.

According to the standards listed on the Student Affairs website, objects banned from campus are likewise prohibited in dorm rooms. This includes firearms and other “dangerous weapons” which are prohibited by the University’s Dangerous Weapons and Firearms Policy.

Non-weapons that are deemed safety hazards are also prohibited. Many items labeled as hazardous in the community living standards are given this label due to their flammability. Anything with an open flame is prohibited. Most cooking appliances like toaster ovens and waffle irons are not allowed for the same reason.

The inspections will note items that are prohibited explicitly inside of dorms. Prohibited items are not limited to illegal drugs and paraphernalia. Underage possession of alcohol and tobacco products is also constitutes a violation. Consumption of such products in common areas of student living facilities is a violation regardless of the consumer's age.

Unauthorized pets are also a violation of the community living standards. Signs of pests like insects or rodents as a result of an unclean living space violate the standards as well. Hoarding garbage and spoiling food is against the rules.

Housing and Residential Communities warned students via email what a violation of their community living standards could result in.

“Obviously if there is out in plain sight a lot of drugs, we would likely notify UAPD,” said Kimberly Sterritt, associate director of Housing Administration. “But other than that, really our goal is to educate students and make sure that they are being as healthy and safe as they can.”

The disciplinary action pursued depends on the severity of the violation, with promotion of healthy and safe living being the priority. 

For more information, students can visit the Community Living Standards page on the SA website at

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