Opposing Views: Campus Concealed Carry

Opposing Views: Campus Concealed Carry

Amidst mass shootings, concealed carry on college campuses is a heavily debated topic. CW | Shelby Akin

In response to the accelerating rate of mass shootings, particularly on college campuses, State Representative Mack Butler (R-Rainbow City) has proposed a state constitutional amendment that would prohibit public universities from refusing to allow holders of concealed carry permits to carry firearms on their campuses. It will likely be one of the most hotly debated bills of this legislative session and could directly impact every university student in Alabama. If passed by the legislature, the issue would be put to a statewide vote. 

To that end, The Crimson White is proud to present the opposing views of these two students, specifically focusing on whether or not the legislature should pass this bill. I encourage you to research further into this debate with both views in mind.

Read the opposing views here:

UA students need funding, not firearms

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Leigh Terry is a senior majoring in economics. She is the Opinions Editor of The Crimson White.

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