Athleisure versatile for all activities

Athleisure versatile for all activities

This selection of pants at Lululemon Atheletica have always been a popular choice for activewear. MCT Campus

In the past year, hundreds of ready-to-wear brands have started manufacturing active wear, while the preexisting activewear companies try desperately to maintain garment functionality and follow current fashion trends. The prominence of athleisure is quite obvious amid college girls. Comfort is everything when buying clothes to wear to class, and the increased use of spandex has opened doors to acceptability of activewear for everyday wear. Yoga pants and stylish harem sweats have replaced jeans on college campuses nationwide. The ability to go directly to the gym from class increases daily productivity.

The athleisure trend suits guys as well. Menswear has shifted from traditional leisure clothes, such as jeans and brown shoes, toward gym attire and sneakers, giving guys the freedom to shoot a few hoops or go for an unplanned jog.

Old Navy, Foot Locker and Under Armour have seen elevated sales as a result of this style shift. These brands have taken note of color trends and consumer needs to create desirable activewear garments within a reasonable price point. Foot Locker specifically reacted to the trend by introducing sports bras and other apparel products. SIX:02 is Foot Locker’s new yoga and running chain, open in 15 locations, the closest to Tuscaloosa being in Florida. When Old Navy’s activewear department brought increased profit to GAP Inc., the company responded by opening Athleta stores to cater specifically to the active population. A quick look at broad industry sales backs up the trend’s impact. Women’s U.S. apparel sales rose only 1 percent in 12 months; however, activewear sales increased by 9 percent, yielding 
$14.5 billion.

College life is fast-paced, so it is necessary to take advantage of every free second in each day. The athleisure trend has empowered students to be spontaneous about their activities. Having an outfit that can be worn from class to meetings and even to the gym in between is fashion gold. So continue the search for that perfect pair of yoga pants – it’ll be worth it.

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