Homecoming kicks off with weekly activities

Homecoming kicks off with weekly activities

Paint the Town Red will return for this year's Homecoming week. CW File

This year's competitions are divided into two categories. Individual students and faculty members make up the Tide Division, while the Crimson Division is comprised of student organizations. Competitors in both divisions are free to participate in any event during Homecoming week. Participants earn points for each event won. Winners in the Tide Division are announced after each event, while participants in the Crimson Division continue to collect points throughout the week in hopes of winning the Crimson Cup.

Several tournaments will be held throughout the week.

Elections for the University’s 2014 Homecoming Queen are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Each year, the Homecoming Queen is announced at halftime during the football game on Saturday.

The lawn decorations competition is a long-standing tradition at The University of Alabama.

“My parents attended Alabama in the ‘80s and I love looking at the pictures of their lawn decorations from 30 years ago. It makes it so special to me to be able to be a part of such a rich tradition at the Capstone,” said Megan Emery, the University’s director of lawn decorations.

During this competition, organized groups create intricate illustrations out of tiny balls of tissue paper. The illustrations are meant to tie into the Homecoming theme, which this year is “Tide Together: Celebrating the Capstone Spirit.” This competition will be judged at 1 p.m. Thursday.

The University of Alabama is extending this tradition to the greater Tuscaloosa community through the tile competition.

“We have ceiling tiles being designed by local elementary school students, current Alabama students and alumni,” Emery said. “The tile competition is really getting across the point of Homecoming this year which is bringing the past, present and future of Alabama together to celebrate the Capstone spirit.”

Paint the Town Red is another way the University is taking Homecoming 2014 to the streets of Tuscaloosa. During this competition, student groups are assigned a local store with a mission to create a red “Tied with the Tide”-themed painting on the front windows. These paintings will be judged at 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Alabama’s traditional bonfire and pep rally are Friday afternoon.

“I love seeing the campus, community and alumni come together to celebrate Homecoming,” said Homecoming Executive Director Samantha Walker.

The pep rally will include the presentation of the 2014 Homecoming Queen and speakers, including 
Nick Saban.

For more information on events and to purchase tickets, 
visit homecoming.ua.edu.

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