Organ studio to host Halloween-themed event

Organ studio to host Halloween-themed event

On Oct. 25, Moody Music Hall will host a Halloween themed concert staring the university's organ team. Photo courtesy of Tyler Canonico

The concert will serve as a fundraiser to help studio 
members finance their Bach Plus Germany Organ Tour.

In Germany, students will have the opportunity to hear and play the organ Johann Sebastian Bach played.

Tyler Canonico, a graduate student studying organ performance, said the organ studio members thought it would be a fun idea to host an event around Halloween, since the pipe organ is usually associated with an eerie theme.

“It would be a safe environment, and it would be fun and expose people to such a special instrument to the history of music,” he said.

Faythe Freese, a professor of organ, said while many only view the instrument for church and Halloween themes, the specific works for the concert stand on their own.

“In reality, the work has no thematic relation to Halloween or the organ,” Freese said. “Some say it was a work 
written for solo violin.”

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