Channel New York fashion week from home

Channel New York fashion week from home

New York Fashion Week concluded last week with hoards of cropped pant-wearing, heeled sandal-tromping bloggers stealing the majority of the press. If you didn’t know, it’s snowing up there. And they’re still wearing heeled sandals. But that’s neither here nor there.

I’m here in Tuscaloosa, again, not at NYFW, trying to take part in the biannual fashion event that defines the trends each year. This Sunday, in my overwhelming sense of spite and jealousy directed toward everyone who walked into Lincoln Center last week, I decided to spice up my own dreary-day ensemble.

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Overalls are no new trend, but what’s a fashion risk without implementing a staple and twisting it a bit? I paired my stable-girl jumpsuit with my 60-percent-off-sweater from Madewell. The Madewell in Birmingham is worth the trek. They always have sales. I topped my look off with Sam Edelman stilettos. The tortoise print and industrial heel just seemed like the perfect contrasting element to bite the proverbial farm quality of overalls.

Maybe you don’t like overalls or like wearing heels in general, but join me. Join in celebrating the great fashion foray that only happens twice a year to determine the trends of six months into the future. Let’s all pay homage to the predetermined trends of fashion by sporting our most enviable ensembles worthy of the unnecessarily peacocked press of the petty, posing blogger type.

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Oscar played with volume, Mr. Kors highlighted furs and fringe, and everyone tipped their hats to plaid. Rally the troops, stop trolling and instead fix your eyes on the NYFW trend forecast via You won’t regret it.

Don your most effervescent ensemble to spite the lucky few allowed to sit front row at Oscar de la Renta. The freezing drizzle circa last week has come and gone. The sun is out, just in time to put away your rain boots that were beginning to stink of the damp, unnatural fertilizers that drench the once-green Quad. The time has come to shave the legs of tight-laden legs and flaunt the midi-skirt trends aforementioned in Oscar’s runway show. Let Fashion Week reignite the fashionista in all of us, because the over-sized sweater look won’t last forever.

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