Amp up your nighttime look without being intimidated

Amp up your nighttime look without being intimidated

When it comes to “going out” clothes, I stand mostly clueless. You want to go out for drinks? I don’t own any of those skin-tight bandage dresses; none of my shirts have side cut-outs, and all my skirts are knee-length and A-line. By day I own the sidewalks and command attention, but as the sun goes down, so do my wardrobe options. I guess you could say my nighttime clothes are my daytime clothes, therefore I don’t look like I want to flirt with you. My clothes need daylight not dub step.

On the rare occasion I do decide to venture downtown, I often end up wearing the same dark jeans-tank top combination I’d wear to lunch with my grandmother. But lately, I’ve discovered the power in simple silhouettes and androgynous sartorial combinations. My go-to nighttime ensemble usually includes a structured short and statement shoe. For those of us with a penchant for commanding the dance floor, shorts are perfect for prancing without fear of flashing, not to mention heels give you instant gams.

To amp up the trouser-like bottoms, pair them with a light chiffon shirt. This is a good way to include a print or a bright color. Prints are everything in my book. I chose to button mine up all the way for the nerdy-chic look that was all over fall 2012 runways like Marc by Marc Jacobs and L.A.M.B. A leather T-shirt would be another great option to transform your look from summer to fall. Cropped tops are great for the bar scene if your confidence is soaring and your shorts are navel-grazing. Just be weary of the stretchy material’s tendency to ride up and deter dancing abilities.

To break up the boyish look of shorts and collared shirts, add a sexy shoe and a swipe of bold lipstick. Shoes and lipstick make an outfit and break up the androgyny emanating from my buttoned-up collar and middle part. The strappy black sandal is perfect for the going-out clothes rotation. Plus, now that Zara has a cheaper version, we can all have a pair.

Just be you when dressing for nighttime activities. Don’t be intimidated by the neon chevron, one-shouldered dresses spanning the length of Rounder’s new dance floor; dress in what makes you feel comfortable. You’re probably going to get beer spilled on you anyway.


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