Finebaum on Tigers upset: 0 chance

Crimson White: How much of a chance, if any, do you give Auburn against Alabama, considering it’s a big rivalry game?

Paul Finebaum: Is there a number below zero? Realistically, there is zero chance of this happening. This is the worst Auburn team in our lifetime.

CW: You’ve seen a lot of college football nationally and people love to compare rivalries. So how does the Iron Bowl stack up against some of college football’s greatest rivalries?

PF: It is the best. Because of the obvious – the two schools are in the same state. You have that other places, but not with the same intensity.

CW: Some say a loss is a good thing and others think losing is never good. Alabama was knocked off by A&M and it looked like the Tide’s title hopes were lost, but now they control their own national championship destiny again. In hindsight, was that loss to A&M a good thing, considering it showed both Saban and the players they weren’t invincible?

PF: Easy to say now, but the loss will help. Without the A&M loss, the pressure would have been too intense for Alabama against Georgia.

CW: I’ve heard you on the show with Pat Dye talking about Gene Chizik and his job security. With his buyout, the 2010 national championship and the last two disappointing seasons taken into consideration, will Gene Chizik be the head coach of Auburn next season?

PF: He will not. Short of the biggest upset in history, Chizik will be fired before dusk on Monday.

CW: If everything holds up, the winner of Alabama-Georgia will face Notre Dame in Miami. If Alabama knocks off Georgia, who do you like between Notre Dame and Alabama?

PF: I like Alabama in a very tough game. I think Notre Dame will struggle to score on Alabama.

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