Alabama looks for challenge in game against LSU

I’m disappointed. I have a feeling that most Alabama, LSU and college football fans in general are disappointed as well. Not by the way the Crimson Tide played last Saturday – other than giving up a late touchdown it was a near perfect performance. I’m disappointed that we don’t get to see the clash of the two Titans in Baton Rouge.

Les Miles and his Bayou Bengals didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. The Tigers were supposed to be the Tide’s toughest opponent. While that still might be the case, this game just doesn’t have the feel that it should have.

Alabama is going to beat LSU and deep down, everyone knows it. The Vegas lines opened with the Crimson Tide as a seven-point favorite in a night game in Death Valley. From everything I have seen this year from both teams, that is an easy bet to make.

It still should make for a great trip. If you’ve never been to Tiger Stadium, go, because there is absolutely no place like it.

I’m sure the jambalaya will still taste great and the LSU fans will still be as lively as ever, but we all know what we’re walking into this Saturday. Maybe we’ll to see a competitive first half, but barring Alabama turning the ball over six times like Florida did last week, the result will never be in question.

This has been a fun season for Alabama fans. The Crimson Tide has dominated every opponent, with an unlikely Ole Miss team coming the closest to beating Alabama but still falling short by 19 points. To sweeten things up a bit, Auburn is having one of its worst seasons ever, coming up with a new low.

While it is fun to watch teams run into the buzz saw that is Alabama football each week, this was going to be the week of question. This was going to be the week we would find out how good Alabama is.

It won’t be.

LSU has struggled. The Tigers lost to Florida, which until last Saturday was a very respectable loss, and have struggled in a number of other games – Auburn, Townson, South Carolina and Texas A&M.

LSU was picked to win the SEC West and the overall conference crown, with Alabama next in line. This game was going to decide all that.

I’m starting to think there is not a team in the country that can challenge Alabama without the Tide playing down to them.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe LSU will be the team we all thought they were and give Alabama a good game. Or maybe I’ll just have to be disappointed. I know this has been the perfect season for a lot of Alabama fans; you couldn’t ask for much more out of a football team. But could someone please give them an actual challenge?

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