App highlights drink specials

App highlights drink specials

Students at the University can now review the best alcohol prices, updated every hour, before or during their weekend bar-hopping.  The free smartphone application, Red Cup, shows the drink specials for Tuscaloosa’s most popular bars each day.

The application calculates the best deals each day and lists them in order of value.  The top five are listed, but users also have the option of choosing a bar from the full list to view its deals.

When the application is first opened, the user is prompted to “pick your poison,” between shots or beer.  After making a choice, the app goes to the top five bars with the best deals of the hour.

Red Cup launched on Nov. 14, 2011. The application advertised its launch on Nov. 16, by sponsoring a trivia event at Innisfree bar.  Plans for a map on the application and more trivia events at bars are in the works.

According to a recent press release, Red Cup is an application of Subvert, a digital innovation company founded by three UA students.  Ben Gordon, an art major, Matt Staples, a UA graduate getting his master’s in accounting, and Nick Neveu, a UA graduate getting his master’s in electrical engineering, wanted to apply what they had learned to something useful for students at UA.

Ben Gordon, one of the masterminds behind the app, said Subvert is currently working on a couple more applications that hopefully will be launched around Christmas.

“We hope they’ll add to Tuscaloosa’s blooming nightlife scene,” Gordon said. “Subvert is moving full steam ahead with our ideas.”

Subvert will soon introduce a study app that records hours studied and includes tips for better studying.

“We have another app launching soon called Get Me Home that offers quick access to different modes of transportation for getting home safely after a night on the town, especially after using Red Cup,” Gordon said.

The makers of the Red Cup app say the best deals of the day are calculated based on the alcohol content of the drink, volume of the drink and the price. This is why sometimes on the top five there are beers and shots that appear more expensive than others behind it. A $4 pitcher is a whole lot better than a $1.50 Bud Light.

The app is advertised as “getting the most drunk for your buck.”  Leslie Richardson, a freshman majoring in nursing, thinks the app could be very helpful for students.

“I haven’t seen much advertising for the app though,” Richardson said. “Maybe posters or signs would draw in more students.”

Students wishing to give feedback about the app can tweet the administrators at @redcupttown or email them at

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