Zach Boros


Politics belong on Twitter

The rise of Twitter as a nexus between high-profile political and cultural figures and common people and its use as a platform for communication of specifically political material is unmatched – and should by all means continue.

White lives matter

While I have your white attention, I would like to amend my title to “Black Lives Matter.” If you think the title was sensationalized so that you would read this article–it was.

The pressure to be sexually active must end

It doesn’t take being at The University of Alabama, or any school for that matter, to know that several staples of being a student includes trying drugs, drinking and experimenting sexually, among many other things.

Your fraternity brother is gay

Yes, that title is what I meant to write. There’s no hidden meaning, no clickbait – just facts. You don’t often hear of a fraternity or sorority member that is openly gay, but that doesn’t mean there is a lack of gay actives.

Your inability to see a problem doesn't mean there isn't one

White Supremacy: let’s address this more-common-than-you-think phenomenon in American society. While it is the most recognizable symbol, only associating white supremacy with the KKK will blind you from the mindset embedded in many others in our society.

America is one big protest

Protesting in America has become what it seems like an every day event since President Trump’s inauguration and slew of executive orders. Whenever I open my social media or turn on the TV, it seems like I can’t get away from seeing hand drawn posters in support for a cause. 

Stop giving Tomi Lahren your attention

By Zach Boros | Staff Columnist (freshman,  You’ve had a long day at school, and the only thing you want to do is connect with your friends on social media.