Zach Boros


For felons, punishment should stop after prison

Once a person with a felony has served their sentence, they should no longer have to suffer the consequences of their actions. This means that their criminal history should be sealed from employers and that their constitutionally mandated rights be automatically restored. 

Modern marketing won't save Christianity

At the end of the day, I don’t care about how nice the message looks on a screen, or how clear the audio is, or how technologically advanced the church building is. I care about a dynamic message that transcends technology or cliche marketing. 

Indifference to the issues endangers victims

Recently, Burger King released an anti-bullying campaign advertisement that compared a young boy being picked on by bullies with a burger that was “beaten” by employees. This social experiment showed that random customers were more inclined to return their beaten and smashed burgers than to call ...

REBUTTAL: Christian values call us to seek freedom for all

Let’s have compassion for those that are different, those that are suffering, those in need, those that follow other religions or none. One can be an advocate for Christianity without imposing on our government that was created not for one religious group, but for all. 

Politics belong on Twitter

The rise of Twitter as a nexus between high-profile political and cultural figures and common people and its use as a platform for communication of specifically political material is unmatched – and should by all means continue.

White lives matter

While I have your white attention, I would like to amend my title to “Black Lives Matter.” If you think the title was sensationalized so that you would read this article–it was.

The pressure to be sexually active must end

It doesn’t take being at The University of Alabama, or any school for that matter, to know that several staples of being a student includes trying drugs, drinking and experimenting sexually, among many other things.