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Light rain floods campus

Courtesy of The Capstonian (RIP) The University of Alabama campus was flooded last week during a light rain.

Blankenship named new face of University

After watching his viral campaign video, the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees announced Jack Blankenship as the next president of the University of Alabama. Former President Robert Witt left the position to take over as the chancellor for the UA school system earlier this month.

My two wishes for the University

I was recently asked what I would change about campus. My two choices both relate to creating a better sense of a UA community from the beginning of a student’s life at this university. 1.

The Nonexistent Basketball Association

The NBA has built itself on some of the planet’s most athletically gifted individuals, has always boasted players with enthralling personalities that light up sports-talk radio stations and has successfully reached out to all corners of the globe.

Penn State puts our problems in perspective

I am at times – fine, all the time – overly critical of our administration. Over the past two years specifically, I have vented my frustrations about areas where I believe it could step up to gain the respect of the entire campus. My complaints boil down to the struggle of an impatient and passionate ...

Abolish the SGA, Start Anew

Our Student Government Association—in which I only include the Senate and executive branch—has functioned as a primary campus-dividing force through its disproportionate makeup, questionable policies and contested elections. Along with failing to adequately perform its mandated duty of representing ...