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Righting the ship: the paper's first step

The Crimson White often holds those in our campus community to a high standard of transparency. We can – and should – do no less when it comes to our own staff. The work of one deliberately deceitful reporter willing to risk her reputation and ours will not shake the dedication I, and everyone ...

Local journalist details problems of living in poor Black Belt of Alabama

John Allan Clark wouldn’t cuss as long as the recorder was on. That is, until the 30-year old Marion, Ala., native couldn’t explain the problems Alabama’s impoverished Black Belt region faces with anything less than a four-letter word. “We just happen to be the poorest part of a fucked up state, ...

Guy Bailey steps down from office of President of University

UA President Guy Bailey announced today through a campus-wide email that he would be stepping down from his post as the University president. “Today I have notified Chancellor Witt that I am stepping down as President of The University of Alabama,” Bailey said.