Will Sorrell


Alabama deserves better than Bentley

I love this State. I love its people. I love this university. I love the way the leaves fall innocently on the Quad in the cool of autumn, the sweet, sweltering heat of the southern shores and the backwoods and backroads of the Black Belt.

The CW Editorial Board overstepped its bounds

Central to the diffusion of both fact and opinion, media wields tremendous power. As the official newspaper of The University of Alabama, the Crimson White is no exception—more than 37,000 students and thousands of alumni rely on the CW to be the mouthpiece of insight into campus. Yet, with such tremendous ...

Why Pink matters

I’ll never forget that damp Montgomery day. I was on a trip with my peers learning about governmental functions and departments; honestly I can’t remember much of what we did.

Evangelicals cannot support Trump in good conscience

On Tuesday, the president of Liberty University, an evangelical college in Virginia, endorsed Donald Trump for President, and recent polls show that he has the support of 37 percent of GOP evangelicals. This is no longer funny, nor was it ever. Mr. Trump has made innumerable comments throughout ...

Don't let technology control your life

As you read this, you probably don't even consciously realize that you are looking at a screen. Chances are it's not your first time today, nor will it be your last.

Hope for justice

In an atmosphere where we can scarcely breathe without seeing flashing headlines of atrocities, witnessing outcries of oppression and smelling rotting systems of discrimination, we find within ourselves a primal craving for that which we cannot name or grasp or keep. University students are verbally ...