Will Jones


Senate talks organization seating, FAC funding requests

Senate briefly met on Thursday to discuss two pieces of legislation. One was a bill that would place student organization seating into the SGA Code of Laws and the other was an act to approve Financial Affairs Committee funding requests for the month of March.

Roth has no regrets about campaign

The room at Chi Omega grew quiet as the 2017-2018 SGA election results were read online. When it was revealed that Jared Hunter had unofficially won the race with 54 percent of the vote, the room went completely silent.

SGA presidential candidate: Lillian Roth

She sits in the back of the room with members of her campaign team, awaiting her turn to speak. She stands up and makes her way toward the front of the room.The audience is comprised of Capstone Coalition members who are meeting to determine who to endorse in the SGA presidential race.

Elections Board clears Roth again, issues clarifications for Hunter campaign

The Elections Board released its fourth violations report on Friday, once again clearing Lillian Roth and issuing clarification for Jared Hunter. According to the report, SGA President Lillian Roth did not violate Article III Section 4B of the 2017 Election Manual, concerning an Auburn student's endorsement ...

A life worth recognizing: The story of Emma Henderson

At the height of the Civil Rights Movement of the late 1960s, people across the country marched for equality and freedom. Among the freedoms they marched for was the right to vote for African-American citizens, who had long been denied such access through poll taxes, literacy tests and 
sheer intimidation. ...