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Elections board releases seemingly inconsistent election results

The SGA has released seemingly inconsistent results from last month's special senate election after being ordered by the Student Judiciary on Monday to release required elections results from the special senate election and homecoming election. In both special senate elections, which were held to fill ...

Senate election results not yet posted, violation of elections manual

The results of the fall 2017 election of Student Government Association Senate seats have yet to be posted. This appears to be in violation of Article I Section 8 of the fall 2017 elections manual, which states that unofficial election results will be released 4:30 p.m. on the day after the election, ...

Local attorney speaks to Senate about suicide prevention

The Senate discussed a plethora of legislation, including Resolution 07, announcing a student internship with Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox and an act to allow some students in the College of Arts and Sciences to have online advising.

Senate looks to make internal, external changes

During the same meeting, Senator Mike Smith, a junior economics major, introduced a resolution urging The University of Alabama to release records from the Office of Student Conduct's investigation into SGA President Jared Hunter's campaign violations.

SGA Senator elaborates on comments he made defending SGA President Hunter

While discussing the resolution and the punishments Hunter has received since the Office of Student Conduct's investigation, Adams said that Hunter signed away his FERPA rights under "duress."    Adams said his usage of "duress" did not mean that other people were pressuring Hunter to run, ...