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Bonner's proposals a major step forward

Freshmen students could be moved to the upper-deck next year and block seating attendance could be monitored quarterly with photographs, according to comments from UA President Judy Bonner reported in Tuesday’s issue of The Crimson White.

'Big Brother' textbook software that monitors studying an invasion of privacy

Johnny Manzel may not be the greatest threat coming out of Texas A&M. The university is part of a group of institutions experimenting with software that allows professors to see how students use textbooks. “It’s Big Brother, sort of, but with a good intent,” Tracy Hurley, dean of the A&M ...

UA, Aramark should let no UA student go hungry

For years, I have mocked the idea of the hungry college student. Who is going to take on the expense of college and not have money for food? Conversely, if a student cannot afford food, why would he or she come to college? Then, earlier this week, The Crimson White ran a story about students who struggle ...

Romney hopes to revise social policy

In 2004, Republicans engineered gay marriage initiatives in several states to encourage conservative turnout at the polls on the day of the presidential election.

OPINION: How can UA grow as a community?

“Cultural growth” is a new buzzword on campus. After the last decade’s enrollment explosion, many students are looking for ways we can engineer parallel growth as a unified community. Growth as a community, though, is more complicated than growth as a student body.