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Young adults account for half of STD infections, recent CDC analysis shows

The Centers for Disease Control recently released a new study that estimates half of the 20 million, newly diagnosed sexually transmitted infections in the United States occur among young adults ages 15-24, which suggests America’s youth is not practicing safe sex. With April being Sexually Transmitted ...

Male body dissatisfaction increases

Walking through The University of Alabama student recreation center, the weight station is filled with college men pumping iron to build a Grecian god-like body as seen gracing the glossy covers of magazines like “Men’s Health” and “Men’s Fitness.” New research shows there may be more to ...

Love sickness is real, and the high it provides looks a lot like cocaine usage

Plato once said, “Love is a serious mental disease,” and how true are his wise words. Love sickness isn’t just a form of expression for those head-over-heels, but has been studied as an actual illness. Science shows that those in love experience a kind of high similar to that caused by illicit ...

Certain foods key to healthy brain activity

Dead Week is upon us, fellow scholars, and adding a few provisions to your daily diet will naturally improve mental performance and productivity. Eggs: These power packed foods contain choline, a type of B vitamin that is shown to increase memory retention and energizes the body.

To avoid holiday weight gain, limit drinks, go jog

Thanksgiving is the single day of the year notorious for eating until the heart’s content, but the damage that consuming the highly fattening, calorie-laden meal inflicts on a waistline could make any pair of skinny jeans burst at the seams. The American Council on Exercise reports that the average ...

New study finds physically active adults healthier

Exercise provides more benefits than just an awesome physique. A recent study published by the American Academy of Neurology reveals that hardcore study sessions aren’t what keep the brain strong but rather physical activity. As adults age, the brain tends to shrink.