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UA's conservative students reject idea of progressiveness

Today marks the centennial of Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration as president of the United States. This moment is especially relevant, coming less than two months after Barack Obama’s inauguration to a second term and one week before we at the Capstone will elect our own SGA president. What do Woodrow ...

Why not defend our future?

State House Republicans released their agenda last week – a list of 11 proposals under the headline “We Dare Defend Our Rights.” They vowed to defend against “an ever-expanding and encroaching federal government, committed liberal activists, and entrenched special interests fighting to preserve ...

Song, video 'Gangnam Style' a sign of converging cultures

For Alabama fans in Bryant-Denny Stadium, the worst moment during last Saturday’s Iron Bowl may have been when “Gangnam Style” played over the sound system. The same day, the song’s music video became the most watched clip in YouTube history. The Internet sensation tells us a lot about the ...

Opinion: It's time America had a new president

Last week, President Obama told his supporters “voting is the best revenge!” It was an appropriate summation for a campaign that has been all about revenge since its inception. Revenge against rich people who don’t “pay their fair share”; revenge against intransient Congressional Republicans, ...

Peace will only come through strength

After our Libyan ambassador was killed in a terrorist attack on Sept. 11 of this year, U.S. officials blamed a YouTube video for inciting the anti-American violence that led to his death.

Change ahead for greek community

Greeks seem to be going through a rough patch lately. A prank war between two fraternities led to both of their houses being vandalized and resulted in both having their social privileges and block seating suspended.