Tatumn Vaught


Student-run group provides support to student organizations

“Most people don’t even know what The Source is, yet we have so many resources that we can provide for organizations,” said senior marketing major Caroline Harris. “…If [students] need advice on how to get involved, about marketing for their organization, funding, or even event planning, [then ...

Diverse Reverse Career Fair attracts more employers

The Diverse Reverse Career Fair goes beyond just information booths. It shifts the normal career fair concept by presenting elite and diverse campus organizations at the fair so that employers can identify strong candidates for their company.   

Students, faculty gather for sexual assault forum

Kenney said the main point of the event was to convey that a dialogue should be started across campus, whether it’s for victims who need a support system or about ways to prevent future cases of sexual assault.  

No danger at Parham Hall, per UAPD

The University of Alabama Police Department evacuated residents of Martha Parham Hall  at 9 a.m. this morning due to an "unconfirmed report" from an anonymous source.