Tatum Roessler


SODEL hosts dinners

The University of Alabama has tens of thousands of students on campus every single day, not to mention thousands of faculty and staff members, which means meeting new people is a given. However, one on-campus student organization is taking these social encounters a step further.

Tenants question Woodlands' safety

In the past month at the Woodlands of Tuscaloosa apartment complex, there have been two separate incidents of armed violence, according to tenants and police reports. On Monday, Oct. 20, the Woodlands leasing staff sent an email to tenants notifying them of an armed robbery of two tenants that took ...

Dubose shares platform to raise awareness

Danielle Dubose is the current Miss University of Alabama. October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, is a time for Dubose to share her platform across campus to help raise awareness.

SGA funds student research

Students who are interested in starting an undergraduate research project and receiving funding to support their research will have a chance to do so through the Student Government Association.

Male students not allowed to take only UA self-defense class

When registering for classes, many students often sign up for a one-hour kinesiology credit to help fill out their schedule. Besides your run-of-the-mill basketball or running class, another available option is Self-Defense for Women.However, the class registration is one of the only classes on campus ...