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Women of all ages asked to conduct 5-step check

About 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. While most breast cancers are found in women who are older than 50, breast cancer also affects younger women. 

Developer brings innovative designs to Tuscaloosa

In Clayton Hudson’s Tuscaloosa office, the walls are plastered with blueprints, professional city renderings and architectural sketches representing Allied Realty and Development’s current projects, but one drawing stands out from the rest.

City loan program brings opportunity to new salon

Tucked into a series of industrial style buildings on 25th Avenue in Rosedale, B Flyy Experience’s hot pink door and sign boasting “Hair, Beauty, Wellness” stand out among their neighbors who offer wood flooring and filter services instead of haircuts and colorings.

Students get involved outdoors

When first year students arrive on campus, one piece of advice faculty and upperclassman give them is to get involved on campus early. For 90 freshmen, getting involved starts even before classes begin. 

Camp 1831 teaches first-year students UA culture

For about 150 first-year students, the place they learn about The University of Alabama’s culture isn’t in Bryant-Denny Stadium, on the Quad or at Gorgas Library. In fact, it isn’t on campus at all. It is located an hour and a half north of Tuscaloosa at Camp McDowell, the home of Camp 1831.

Graduating seniors remember Tuscaloosa tornado, aftermath

Rachel Ahrnsen sent her mom one message on Wednesday, April 27, 2011: “Hey, there’s another tornado warning, if I die, I love you.” This was the message Ahrnsen sent her mom on the day the lives of 64 people in Tuscaloosa, including six University of Alabama students, were claimed.

'Freeganism,' Dumpster diving growing new trends

It’s a sunny, cool afternoon in April 2013. The sun passes directly overhead in the San Francisco fog as Bryan Buckley walks back to his temporary room off Mission Street after a long run at the Golden Gate Bridge, when all of a sudden he notices the smell of freshly grilled meat wafting through the ...

Students create adventure club

As days get warmer in the spring semester and schedules become free without the pull of Alabama football, many students begin looking for alternative ways to spend their weekends.