Sonya Haines


Students struggle with crowded commuter lots, buses

The Northeast Commuter Zone has 3,415 spaces but has 6,015 permits issued, 2,600 over the number of spaces available, D’Esposito said.  All parking pass numbers are as of Sept. 27, and parking passes continue to sell.  

Students express concern over off-campus housing conditions

What was supposed to be an exciting time, turned into a long and time-consuming ordeal for many students who moved into off-campus housing in August.  Students arrived at their apartments to find unsatisfactory conditions and many received little to no help from their apartment complexes. Some ...

Student hikes her way through Alabama

Many only know sweet home Alabama by the song and the city of Tuscaloosa, but there is so much more to the Yellowhammer state than just being the home of The University of Alabama.  One out-of-state student realized this and decided to spend her junior year exploring the state, state park by state ...

Law School to provide DACA application guidance

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to receive guidance on how to fill out the paperwork needed to be granted a renewal of their benefits, said Josh Medina, the law clinics’ equal justice works AmeriCorps fellow.    

Workshop aims to close the pay gap

 AAUW has done extensive research that shows women don’t negotiate their salaries as often as men do, Miller said.  This workshop teaches the proper skills to enable women to be able to negotiate effectively and empowers them with the skills to close the pay gap.   

Plus minus grading is not always a plus

While the correlating GPA to an ‘A’ is a 4.0, the difference between an ‘A+’ and an ‘A-’, according to the University’s website, is a 4.33 and a 3.67 GPA.