Serena Bailey


Black Warrior Film Festival highlights student filmmakers

Abbie Armstrong isn’t going to look at the faces in the crowd. She’s not going to try and figure what they might be thinking. When her film premieres at the Black Warrior Film Festival this weekend, she’s going to try and put the audience at the back of her mind.

Bryce Uncovered: A look at the asylum's short-lived newspaper

Seven years after the Civil War, near The University of Alabama’s campus, a newspaper was being prepared for publication. The first story of the first issue: Darwinism. It was placed under the paper’s motto, "Lucus a non Lucinda," meaning “a dark grove because it is not light,” an absurd phrase ...

Cooking Column: Banana nut muffins, with a chocolate twist

One of the first things I learned how to make by myself was banana nut muffins. My mom taught me how to make cookies and cupcakes, but we were never a big muffin household. So I started out learning to make them using the cheap bag mix, and eventually I got curious enough to figure out how to make them ...

Cooking Column: Chocolate peanut butter bars

You know those snacks from when you were younger that your mother never made, but some other adult did? For me, it was these peanut butter bars covered in chocolate that parents at my church used to make for youth group get togethers. Those things were the highlight of youth group get togethers for ...