Serena Bailey


Trail mix: the easiest snack ever

College students often don't have time and energy for elaborate meal prep, so snacks like trail mix can be a tasty, convenient and hassle-free source of nutrition.

Cooking Column: A new family recipe for pasta

A few years ago, my grandmother wanted to get all her children together for Christmas, as it's hard to get my mom’s brothers and sister all in the same place. There's five kids in total, scattered along the east coast and Midwest from Georgia to Maine to Chicago. But my grandmother wanted them all ...

Cooking Column: Rainy day cake balls

Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan, in ways both big and small. For example, this column was originally supposed to be about cake mix doughnuts. 

Six snacks to keep in reach this semester

Long live snacking – that’s the motto many college students must live by. With busy schedules and projects constantly looming, it’s often easier to snack throughout the day rather than sit down to three larger meals.