Serena Bailey


Cooking Column: Chocolate peanut butter bars

You know those snacks from when you were younger that your mother never made, but some other adult did? For me, it was these peanut butter bars covered in chocolate that parents at my church used to make for youth group get togethers. Those things were the highlight of youth group get togethers for ...

Cooking Column: It's a pizza, but on a bagel

Pizza. It’s a college food staple. A small stack of pizza boxes near the counter is a pretty common image in our apartment. But as much I love pizza, a lot of the time I don’t want to put forth the effort of making a pizza. Nor, do I want to pay for pizza as often as I want to eat it. Sometimes, ...

"Queen of Hearts" play comes to Tuscaloosa

The year is 1976 and the scene is backstage of a small-town beauty pageant. It’s a scene that was first put to stage 35 years ago. Now, Theatre Tuscaloosa is bringing it back for an anniversary performance.

Druid City Brewing supports local art, music

When Bo Hicks and Elliott Roberts decided to open Tuscaloosa’s first brewery, Druid City Brewing, they wanted a logo that was signature to Tuscaloosa, but not associated with The University of Alabama.

Cooking Column: Baked potato chips

I love chips, but only really baked ones. I find traditional potato chips too greasy and, let’s be honest, no matter what kind of chips you buy, the bag is mostly air.