Sehar Ezez


I did it

I’ve really struggled to think of what I could write in my senior column. As I look to my fellow peers taking gorgeous senior pictures by Denny Chimes and posting their post-grad plans, I’ve felt less than adequate when explaining that I plan to work for a year before continuing onto to law school. ...

The end of intellect

For the past 10 or so months, since our political machine has begun churning out the usual garbage of the electoral process, I have watched my peers and my country slowly disintegrate down to the intellectual level of a 18 month old toddler throwing a hissy fit because mommy won’t let them have skittles ...

Mind, body and Hijab

The discussion around body acceptance is one that takes many forms--eating disorders, self-image and notably modesty.

Missing the memo about the comedy of war

Before the “get a sense of humor,” “it’s just a movie” and “if you don’t like this country, go back to where you came from, b----” gang hops in the comment section let me state: I have sense of humor, I know it’s a movie and I was born here.

Letting Love outshine Hate

I have struggled for the past week to reconcile in my heart what has happened around the world, from Lebanon to Paris.

Cultural appropriation: 50 shades of done with y'all's nonsense

Another Halloween has come and gone, and yet another array of offensive costumes came and went. l lack words for grown men who are dressing themselves in bloody hoodies, blackface and carrying Skittles pretending to be Trayvon Martin – one of tens of thousands of black men who are senselessly murdered ...

It’s O.K. to be an Angry Protestor

On the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March (the new iteration took the name “Justice or Else”), Palestinian-American Activist and Executive Director of Arab American Association of New York Linda Sarsour took the stage and loudly proclaimed, “I’m tired of people asking us what the ...

When your government stops caring

Some may say our government never cared. Some may believe that the decline of the duty to the citizen in our government body has been a slow and steady one.

Islamophobia, the new Red Scare

Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Scientists, Teachers, Policeman, Soldiers. These are just small roles American Muslims play in our society today.

Islamophobia, the new Red Scare

Doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, teachers, policemen, soldiers. These are just some of the roles American Muslims play in our society. Sometimes they blend in so easily you wouldn't know they were Muslim until they told you they won't be drinking with you tonight, or they have to slip away for ...