Sean Ross


Champions don't hate

We live in a time, in this country and on this campus, in which hate and negativity run rampant on social media.

The GOP must dump Trump

The bell tolls for the GOP. Long gone are the days of Reagan’s Morning in America, as dusk appears to have arrived for the Republican Party.

The Roth Administration is improving student life

Every February, campus is inundated with campaign slogans, platitudes, and promises as Student Government Association elections unfold. Yet, after the votes are tabulated and results are announced, most of campus seems to disconnect from SGA. It shouldn’t be this way. And it doesn’t have to ...

The University of Alabama is moving this state forward

As an out-of-state student from Louisiana, I am constantly asked why I decided to come to The University of Alabama instead of going to LSU. I have been here for four years now, so answering this routine question has become a bit of a nuisance; it has become akin to the classic “girlfriend yet?” ...

This is our time for choosing

In spring of 2013, I ran for Student Government Association (SGA) Senate. As a freshman majoring in political science, winning a senate seat seemed to be destiny.