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Don't wait on a storm to show what you can be

I wasn’t in Tuscaloosa on April 27, 2011. My brother was, somewhere in one of the new dorms (Riverside West, I think?), so I remember the anxiety of watching what happened that day from far away.

Letter from the editor: An apology

The Crimson White recently published a feature about Lillian Roth, a candidate for SGA President, both in print and online, as part of our traditional coverage of the SGA executive races.

Letter from the Editor: Why we endorse

A responsible and free press is instrumental in the preservation of a democracy. The freedom of the press is enshrined in the first amendment because the framers knew that without a watchdog press, a ‘Fourth Estate’ of government, the government by the people would soon fall apart.

SGA senate to hear block seating constitutional amendment

SGA President Elliot Spillers will introduce a constitutional amendment to revise the block seating process at tonight's senate meeting. The bill, obtained by The Crimson White, would codify a 'board of governors' under the SGA vice president for student affairs, made up of nine voting members and one ...

We Are Done, UA to open diversity center today

Just two months after its initial presentation of demands, the We Are Done movement, with the University of Alabama administration, is on the verge of opening the Intercultural Diversity Center, a student-staffed center dedicated “to serving as a resource and liaison for students, staff and faculty ...