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Graduate tear-gassed in Ferguson, Missouri

When Alan Blinder, a 2011 UA graduate now working at the Atlanta bureau of The New York Times, first met Jennifer Greer, then chair of the journalism department, he was a pre-med student.

Sharks, butterflies used to further aviation research

Biologists have long watched and studied sharks and butterflies, but the secrets locked within their scales and wings have begun to attract researchers like Amy Lang, associate professor of aerospace engineering and mechanics. As an undergraduate, Lang was told by a professor to look up sharkskin, which ...

Tuscaloosa named among top college towns

Livability, student-to-resident ratio, cultural offerings, school presence and large employers can help define a college town’s success. Best College Reviews, which compiled a list of “The 50 Best College Towns in America,” has considered those criteria and put Tuscaloosa at number 48.

Startup extracts uranium with shells

Uranium, a key player in the growing world of nuclear energy, is projected to be in short supply and high demand in 2017 and beyond. But if 525 Solutions, a UA-based startup, has anything to do with it, the 4.5 billion tons of uranium in the oceans will be able to help close that gap.

CAF advanced in equipment, training

There aren’t many places where researchers can find an IMAGO Local Electrode Atom Probe. At the University, however, researchers from across the country come to the Southeast just to use it.

Hot Hundred will return to campus

The Hot Hundred bike ride, with its Tuscaloosa roots and university connections, will return to campus Saturday with discounted tickets available to students. "Really anyone can come out to experience the excitement and fun of a large group ride like the Hot Hundred," Ride Director Pixie Hicks said. ...

News Briefs: July 16, 2014

Robert Ramsay Chair of Chemistry Robin Rogers was one of over 3000 researchers named in the Highly Cited Researchers 2014 list released by Thomson Reuters.