Sami Harb


Harden the top MVP choice

With only a few weeks left in the NBA regular season, there is little left to be decided among the top teams in the league.

Seahawks should be 2015 favorites

No matter how crushing, no one loss will end the current run of the Seattle Seahawks. Even though the Seahawks suffered one of the most heartbreaking defeats in NFL history in Super Bowl XLIX, the loss is more a bump in the road for Seattle than the end of it.

Kobe Bryant not done yet

Father Time is undefeated in sports. No matter how great the athlete, age will eventually cause any superstar to wear down. If there were ever an athlete to refute this claim, it would be Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant. Since coming into the league in 1996, Bryant has played through a bevy of injuries ...

Davis making his case for elite NBA player status

There’s no debate who the NBA’s best player is – it's LeBron James. There is little to no debate for the second-best player either – it’s Kevin Durant. However, the debate for who comes next is open. Is it Chris Paul? James Harden? Blake Griffin? In the early NBA season, the answer appears ...

Cross country prepares for NCAA regional

After sixth and third place finishes at the SEC Championships, the Alabama men’s and women’s cross country teams will travel to Tallahassee, Florida, to compete in the NCAA South Regional Saturday.