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Parting advice for surviving college

I'm the lone senior in a room full of freshman in my introductory psychology course. It's a course I chose solely for its ability to help me finish my Honors College electives requirement, but has proven to be fairly enjoyable.

Say it right: The words we choose to use can have a huge impact

In one of my Thursday classes last week, a pair of students representing their small group gave a short presentation on the connections between the LGBTQ community, homelessness, food insecurity and mental health. For a presentation that could only be three slides long and that nobody in the group had ...

Self-care is vital for every aspect of our mental well-being

There’s a popular diagram that features a triangle that says, “Pick two out of three,” and the options are sleep, social life and school/work. There’s also a mug for sale on Etsy with the inspirational quote: “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé.” These popular images ...

Michael Brown and Joan Rivers offer glimpses into racial status quo

Joan Rivers died two Thursdays ago, an event that barely registered as I continued to scroll down my Tumblr dashboard. It was barely mentioned, noted one post that criticized TIME magazine for hailing the late Rivers as a feminist icon when she'd been anti-feminist, by personal claim and by her actions. ...