Samantha Rudelich


Students should invest in Alabama

The lights shut off and the crowd starts to scream. He rises on a dark platform and it moves to hover over the mosh pit. As he ascends over the crowd, the dim spotlight surrounding him shifts to the people below him and turns into a searing bright light focused on the audience.

It’s past time for fashion to embrace diversity

I’m standing in the dressing room panting like a dog and struggling to find my way out of yet another game day dress. As I struggle to break free from the constricting dress, there’s a moment where I pause and think about just giving up. In the midst of my frustration, I consider busting free from ...

Give yourself a break from stressful activities

It usually starts with my heart. The beats speed up, getting quicker and quicker. I worry my heart will thrash against my chest hard enough to jump out of my body. Then, the hyperventilation begins. My panic attack goes full throttle. My anxiety and fears finally catch up to me. 

The public nature of women’s bodies

I am a woman. I am a person. The latter always seems to be overshadowed by the former. It’s always that I am a woman so I should do this or I should be that rather than, I am person so I should do or be whatever I so choose. My body does not belong to me, it is publicly assessed and consumed.

Survivor: Dead Week edition

Grab your coffee and comfiest clothes because the worst week of the semester is upon us. Dead week, sandwiched between Thanksgiving break, which only facilitates laziness and over-indulgent eating, and Finals week, which requires steady concentration and determination, this week typifies a perfect storm ...

I believe in UA

In less than a week, I’ll make my bi-yearly trek home to Michigan. While I’m elated to see and spend time with my family, I’m also preparing to field the typical judgements about the University.

Where is our administration?

Among the mud-slinging and broken politics, my frustration with campus grows by the day. I find myself weary of this petty oligarchical approach, where the ones controlling the campus lack honesty and refuse to be transparent about their methods.