Samantha Fisher


Student walkouts against gun violence were misguided

Televised coverage of the walk-out and interviews with some of the students revealed an altered agenda with emphasis on harsher gun laws and, especially, a desire to hold the National Rifle Association responsible.  This was a blatant distortion of the intended message for the day.

Armed teachers can and should keep schools safe

Armed teachers, administrators and security personnel could prove a formidable defense against a perpetrator.  As a student, I would appreciate knowing my school was protected by well-trained, levelheaded people who believe their job includes ensuring my safety and theirs.  

President Trump had a successful first 100 minutes

President Trump entered the Oval Office on a mission. Everyone talks about the first 100 days in office, 
however he accomplished so much in his first 100 minutes. On the very day of his inauguration, he signed his first executive orders. Always unpredictable, pundits questioned which issues he would ...