Sam West


SENIOR COLUMN: Being the second banana

 Being second banana meant shutting up and letting someone else take the lead. Instead of doing everything myself, I’ve had to learn how to work with others. 

Abortion and reproductive health divide communities

The clinic in Tuscaloosa is the frequent site of protests. Henkin is also involved in the West Alabama Clinic Defenders, a group that escorts people seeking an abortion to and from their cars and monitors protestors to ensure they are complying with the law.

Democrats must oppose border wall

Trump’s border wall is a dark symbol, a physical manifestation of American nationalism. But it would also have violent real world consequences: property destruction, environmental disruption and the emboldening of ICE to carry out further violence on the border. 

Against facts, logic and reason

Politics isn’t debate club. It’s a fight over right and wrong and a literal battle for life and death. It’s a place for emotion, ideology, philosophy and morality as much as it is one for information, logic and science.

A response to Kyle Campbell: Military aggression is fundamentally wrong

I agree with Kyle Campbell that Donald Trump's potential intervention in Syria is a bad idea. In a recent column, he argued that our new administration’s possible plan to use ground troops against Bashar Al-Assad's government forces would be ineffective and waste lives and resources.