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It's my collegiate experience, and I'll cry if I want to

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I find it profound that these small rectangular views of moments, which are already over before the camera’s shutter closes, are worth so much. It is then not surprising that no one has been able to quantify the number of words needed to describe a day, ...

Students are the real bosses of the Student Government Association

It was a cold Saturday morning in Fayetteville, Ala., last January when SGA President Stephen Swinson, Treasurer Christian Smith, and I, serving as Speaker of the Senate, represented Alabama at the SEC Exchange, a conference of all 14 collegiate SGAs in the conference.

Ethics code will strengthen Student Government

The Student Government Association Senate will vote tonight on the most important legislation to come before it this year – a bill establishing an ethics code for the entire SGA.

UA must develop ethical leaders

Last summer, people around the country buried their heads between the pages of “The Help,” a heartwarming story of African-American maids in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement.

Student seating must be fair

Last spring, SGA president Grant Cochran and I discovered a problem with a major SGA project that affects a lot of students on this campus: student organization seating.

Chinese aircraft threaten U.S.

This past Monday, intelligence officials from the United States received word from sources within China that the J-20 stealth fighter took its first test flight.

Elections reaffirm America's desire for change

This past Tuesday, we witnessed a pivotal election in American history. Call it a referendum on Obama, a Republican insurgency or a political realignment; one thing is clear: It was a call for a new type of leadership in America. In 2006, Nancy Pelosi, in a celebratory tone, announced victory for her ...

Debate an example that should be followed

This past Thursday was a chance for the University to shine, and did it ever. With the eyes of the state upon it, the Capstone showed everyone watching something that we Capstonians already know: This campus is home to one of the leading universities in the nation, and we are working to build a better ...

High tide club offers new options for students

Wesley Vaughn’s column in Wednesday’s issue of The Crimson White – “High-dy Tide-y dumb almighty” – is filled with a number of concerns about the High Tide Program that we would like to address.