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Celebrating my time in college

This has been an amazing four years here at the Capstone. The University of Alabama has given me so many opportunities to grow and change; however, it was difficult to start.

College Republicans should not heel to party

On March 7, the College Republican Federation of Alabama, which recently elected new officers, issued a press release which stated: “Support the platform of the ALGOP and the RNC along with the traditional, conservative, American and Alabamian values.” This release is a terrible idea, very bad for ...

Republican party should change to ensure relevancy

Republicans will be facing a tough midterm election cycle. While they could win the Senate, an admittedly major prize, they are also facing a real identity crisis: The party is growing way too old, and they are running out of voters. Currently the Republican Party is seen as the party of old white ...

The South's problem with political correctness

We have a political correctness problem here in the South. We suffer from a negative connotation of what political correctness is and how it operates. Our understanding of what it means to be politically correct is way off base.