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Above all, have empathy

I don’t like to beat around the bush, and I’m not going to start on my 
last column. I remember the days after “The Final Barrier” article was printed in The Crimson White and the lead up to the Stand in the Schoolhouse Door March.

SGA elections offer glimpse into changing climate of campus politics

Last spring, during the yearly SGA fervor, I wrote two columns that deserve to be rehashed. The first addressed how the SGA must save itself from irrelevance. The second, more importantly, addressed that even if the Machine still won’t learn, the student body surely can. The former is true: this year’s ...

Oklahoma's SAE provides Alabama lesson on empathy

Well, I never thought some other university’s greek system would manage to make national headlines for racial issues the same way the University did in Fall 2013. But The University of Oklahoma’s SAE fraternity did just that. For those who haven’t yet seen the video of the party-bound students, ...

SGA candidates convey platforms

Today, the unopposed candidates for Vice President for External Affairs and Vice President for Financial Affairs will be discussing their campaign platforms. The Vice President for External Affairs is the connection between our campus and the communities we live in: Tuscaloosa, the state of Alabama, ...

SGA candidates explain platforms

Until next Tuesday the Opinions page will be featuring the candidates for the executive positions of the Student Government Association daily.

Continue to talk about free speech

On Monday, The Crimson White ran a special edition about free speech on campus, or the lack thereof. Through restrictive “speech code” policies and Grounds Use Permits, the University is dampening the abilities of students to engage in meaningful discourse.

Alabama's deficit is the University's problem too

For those unaware, the state of Alabama faces an immediate deficit of around $265 million with a longer-term $700 million hole due to mandatory repayments of money to the education budget, various federal and state government entities, and public infrastructure.

The Capstone Creedless

I’ve taken several hundred tests in my lifetime, as we all have. I’ve also seen people cheat on tests hundreds of times, as you have seen too.