Parker Aniszewski


Films to look for at the Oscars

I thought I would take this week’s column to discuss three movies either out now, or upcoming that have massive Oscar potential. 

"Kingsman" sequel lacks depth of the first

Unfortunately, the sequel does not live up to the incredibly high bar set by the first one. The sequel does have some great moments of action, but overall feels much more lacking in that department than the original.

Review: "Logan Lucky"

“Logan Lucky” might be my new favorite heist movie, and the fact that not many people even know this movie is out might make it the biggest misstep of the summer. 

The Genius of the Tragic Comedy

When I think about my favorite moments of pure comedic genius, almost every one of them has some level of tragedy that inspires the comedic events, creating my favorite sub-genre of film, the Tragic Comedy.

Why Thor: Ragnarok will be the best from Marvel yet

Nine years ago, superhero movies were not the hot button commodity they are today However, they still had success at the box office, from Sam Raimi’s original “SpiderMan” “Trilogy” (Let's just call it 2 ½ movies), or the original set of X Men movies.

'Dazed and Confused' director returns with new movie

Richard Linklater is a director many might not know by name, yet he has directed many memorable and iconic movies. From “Dazed and Confused,” “School of Rock,” “The Before Trilogy,” and most recently the acclaimed Oscar-winning movie “Boyhood.”