Olivia Stover


Why choose an English major? Students explain

An English major's career path may not be as easy to predict as one would think. Students and professors in the English program discuss the vast array of opportunities available to students with English degrees. 

Upcoming Tuscaloosa music before finals week

What's more relaxing than live music? Nothing. Make time to study, but make time for some Tuscaloosa music before leaving for summer. Our city has saved the best music for last this semester. 

Tuscaloosa restaurants fight for title of Best Chocolate

Tuscaloosa’s Death By Chocolate Tournament is the annual chocolate tasting competition hosted by the Family Counseling Service, bringing chocolate lovers and chocolate makers together for an evening of chocolatey adventures.

"A Chorus Line" transports audiences to 1975 Broadway

The buzz of the audience slowly becomes a murmur until silence fills the theater. The curtains raise inch by inch as anticipation from both audience and performers builds. Then, as the lights shine brightly on 16 dancers, audience members are transported back to 1975.

Service organization combats global water crises

The global water crisis kills 28,000 children every week and 3,000 children a day. Over 1.5 million people worldwide die each year because of a lack of safe drinking water. Water-related illnesses resulting from contaminated drinking water are the leading cause of sickness and death worldwide.