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'I Hate Hamlet' brings comedy to Shakesperian acting

Theatre Tuscaloosa is bringing Shakespeare with a twist to the stage this month. They will perform “I Hate Hamlet,” a dramatic comedy by Paul Rudnick April 5-7 and 10-14. The plot follows Andrew Rally, an accomplished actor whose TV career is at a standstill, and is offered a position on stage ...

Engineering students take stage

The College of Engineering Does Amateur Radical Theatre is a group of primarily engineering students out to prove the College of Engineering is a creative place, not just numbers, technology and science. Founded in 2007, the group consists of roughly 50 members.

Spotify offers students a variety of music

Music is slowly evolving over time, from records to 8-tracks, from tapes to CDs. Now, however, streaming music is becoming more and more popular, with sites like Pandora and iHeart Radio and software like Spotify available at your fingertips. Spotify is a European software that was developed in 2007 ...

Creative co-op to showcase student gallery in Lloyd

On Friday, students will get to see the work of their peers in Creative Co-op’s first gallery of student art. The gallery, titled “The Aesthetic,” will display a collection of student work that will be available to purchase.

Annual Northport Christmas festival brings Dickens classic world to life

The streets of downtown Northport were alive Tuesday with glowing streetlights, falling snow and laughter as the city hosted its 23rd annual holiday festival known as “Dickens Downtown.” Ignoring the evening’s rain, the performers came out in full costume, dressed in Victorian garb with shopkeepers ...