Niles Bernabe


Bitcoin volatility wards off student investors

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are virtual currency that implements encryption to regulate the units of currency in circulation and their transfer. While there is no intrinsic value to cryptocurrency, the market value is ascertained solely by the demand of people wanting to buy and sell it, leading to ...

Tuscaloosa community, police combat human trafficking

Worldwide, the human trafficking industry makes $150 billion per year with $99 billion of that money coming specifically from sex trafficking. Sex trafficking has been a huge problem for Alabama with I-20 being considered the super highway for sex trafficking in the United States. 

Druid City Pride open for everyone

Druid City Pride is a fairly new nonprofit organization founded in March 2017. They advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in West Alabama. Led by a seven-member board, anyone is welcome to be a part of the organization.

University Libraries to host weekly yoga classes

As part of their mission plan, University Libraries is sponsoring restorative yoga classes to promote the health and well-being of UA students. The classes will be instructed by Millie Jackson, a certified restorative yoga teacher.

Local bar block party supports Secret Meals

All of the proceeds from wristband sales will go straight to Secret Meals for Hungry Children. Additionally, all of the sponsoring bars and restaurants will be donating all of the cover they collect and a percentage of sales from the night. 

Funding their flight: Corporate sponsors support Alabama rocketry

The University of Alabama recently reached new heights with the Alabama Rocketry Association. The award-winning student organization provides student with hands-on rocketry experience. Their team members find their passion by looking to the sky, but they soon  found that they also needed to look ...