Nicolas Briscoe


Debate over guns requires clear thinking and facts

Conducting debates in the heat of emotional turmoil inevitably results in poor policy. As we are seeing in real time, those with agendas will not hesitate to push misinformation in order to advance them. 

DACA needed to be rescinded to create a permanent solution

The debates surrounding DACA generally take four forms: There are those debating the economic effects of “DREAMers”, children brought to the United States illegally at an early age, which have assimilated and been educated in the United States, on the American job market.

Governments should be careful creating hate speech laws

On June 20, the Sussex Police Force, of Sussex, England, posted a tweet  that would go on to draw mixed reactions from those responding. It read “This man used Facebook to express his hatred for Muslims & has gone to prison #WeStandTogether against hate crimes." In Germany,  twenty-three ...

Ossoff does not represent a national trend

The decaying of the bridge between politics and representative government has never been more apparent than in this week’s special election in Georgia’s sixth district.

Identity politics creates a culture of victimhood

The vast majority of racial and identity politics today requires a suspension of common sense in order to be understood. “If you are not racist, you are still racist.” “If you are not sexist, you are still sexist.”

The future of Cuba is capitalism

The greatest blessing of my life has been my Cuban heritage. The warmth, love and fun that accompany every aspect of Cuban family and culture are incomparable forces for good in my life. In my hometown of Miami, there is a neighborhood referred to as “Little Havana,” named such because it was one ...

Sensational media incites fear

In an age of social media obsession, instantaneous access to news (fake and otherwise), and the words “like,” “basically” and “extra” meaning things they were never intended to mean, it should not come as a surprise that we have adopted constant crisis as a state of normalcy.

Violence occurs when words are not enough

At the heart of one of the most enduring stories in literary and theatrical history, Les Miserables, is Valjean’s philosophical paradox – is it right to commit a crime if that crime is for the greater good?