Nathan Campbell


The death penalty itself is cruel and unusual

Faced with dwindling supplies of execution drugs, states have opted to explore what drug combinations and execution methods are most effective, essentially legalizing torture in order to achieve their goals. While capital punishment was once viewed as a humane medical procedure, it can now be likened ...

Students are not to blame for the student debt crisis

The reality is that many are being pushed to college by employers who have needlessly chosen to outsource middle-skills job training to universities, most of which operate under looming budget cuts. All the while, college students are painted as scapegoats

Hip hop has room to grow regarding homophobia

As hip-hop has grown in popularity, its corresponding culture has grown to encompass a larger and more diverse group of artists, producers, and fans. This inclusion has caused some of the community’s members, both old and new, to confront internal attitudes that they have not had to confront before. ...

Silicon Valley will not solve America's mobility crisis

Apps like Uber and Lyft are easy and convenient, given that you have the disposable income to afford them... But these services are a luxury, one that is out of reach for the single mother who needs to get to her job across town before 7:00am every day. 

Environmentalism needs to focus on justice

It’s tough to inspire someone to protect a river in their town when presenting them with a dead frog. It becomes much easier when you tell them that the water coming out of their tap has lead in it.

We need to consider the new wave of violence in rap

By separating the art from the artist, we are detaching ourselves from any consequences for supporting an artist’s music. It permits us to celebrate abusive men as musical geniuses, while the more troublesome aspects of their lives become mere footnotes.