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UA is a better place with the Mallet Assembly

When I came here as a freshman, I was invited to an event at Mallet my first weekend of college. Having no connections to speak of, I was eager to investigate the mysterious Mallet Assembly, and I decided to go.

Representations of women in media are problematic, harmful

Last week, I joined the hordes going to theaters all across the country to see “Catching Fire.” While I recognize that the movie is essentially well-budgeted popcorn entertainment, I am glad that it has received so much fanfare because the heroine of the movie is a refreshing departure from what ...

BOE election another local injustice

Last week, a Tuscaloosa County judge ruled that the Board of Education election contest brought by Kelly Horwitz against Cason Kirby lacked sufficient evidence to proceed.

Role of ally to empower others

The protest last week has sparked a remarkable amount of controversy and discussion on campus, a good deal of which I have had the opportunity to hear.

Sororities should look to history to be reminded of power in campus elections

I have a story I'd like to share with the CW in response to the March 8th article titled “Women underrepresented, yet unsupportive in SGA politics.” I appreciated this article as a thoughtful and accurate look at the rather confounding support base that the Machine has in sororities. The story ...

Conversation on abortion needed

As someone who considers herself a feminist and a fan of civil discourse, I’d like to make a few observations about the article in Monday’s CW titled “Reps discuss anti-abortion bills.” John Merrill’s single justification for sponsoring the bills that would outlaw abortion (for rape victims ...